Track by Track/Beach Boys – Little Deuce Coupe

Little Deuce Coupe (1963-Capitol)

  1. Yes, Little Deuce Coupe did appear on the previous album. I preferred it several tracks in.
  2. Ballad of Ole Betsy – Ridiculous yet heartfelt, this is indeed a tender ballad about a car.
  3. Be True to Your School – Yes, sometimes The Beach Boys are as lame and square as folks make them out to be.
  4. Car Crazy Cutie – Doo wop + car craze cash-in + Mike Love.
  5. Cherry Cherry Coupe – A return to the lower quality standard of Surfin’ Safari is somewhat redeemed by sounding kind of like “The Loco Motion.”
  6. 409 – Repeated from Surfin’ Safari. Yep, this album is a total cash-in.
  7. Shut Down – Again, “driving has more universal appeal than surfing, so let’s compile some of our old car songs with new car songs.”
  8. Spirit of America – Yikes.
  9. Our Car Club – Another car song from a previous album. With those Tom fills, you know?
  10. No-Go Showboat – If you like REALLY high falsettos, “No-Go Showboat” is your jam.
  11. A Young Man is Gone – Probably about James Dean.
  12. Custom Machine – Even more of the same.

A year into their career, The Beach Boys not only demonstrate everything that made them great with the previous album but also their more “Kokomo” side with this uninspired, cash-grabby pile o’ nothin’. C-

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