Oatmeal Reviews

Quaker “Cocoa and Sea Salt” Oatmeal – I am not sure what exactly Quaker was going for here, but this is Weirdo-Town. Water from the tea kettle immediately becomes brown, and the taste and smell recall watered-down vending machine hot chocolate and a soggy granola bar. D+

Quaker “Cinnamon and Spice” Oatmeal – As a kid this flavor of oatmeal was only available as part of a variety pack that included four apple cinnamon, four maple and brown sugar, and two cinnamon and spice. That variety back is still sold today! Maybe it was the relative scarcity or having to suffer through four bags of maple and brown sugar, but cinnamon and spice oatmeal was always something I thought of as a treat. Safeway (and apparently nowhere else) carries a box of just cinnamon and spice, and I do not know if my adult taste buds or changing formulations are to blame, but this does not taste like I recall cinnamon and spice tasting. This oatmeal is sweet and bland and is dominated by somewhat of a “pumpkin spice” like taste – nutmegs, cloves, that sort of thing. Egg nog without the eggs. I remember it tasting more like a spice cake or a snickerdoodle, like maybe there was cream of tartar or something. Like “apple cinnamon” without apples. Maybe it has been like this all along and we just have a funny way of romanticizing the past. Who knows? B-

Quaker “Apple Cinnamon” Oatmeal – This one, on the other hand, still tastes more or less the same as I remember. Delightful funny little square dried apple pieces with a nostalgic heaping of cinnamon. This has never been an exciting culinary experience, but with all the silly new flavors of Quaker oatmeal on the shelf, there is no compelling reason not to stick with the classic. A-

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