Oatmeal Reviews

Quaker “Cocoa and Sea Salt” Oatmeal – I am not sure what exactly Quaker was going for here, but this is Weirdo-Town. Water from the tea kettle immediately becomes brown, and the taste and smell recall watered-down vending machine hot chocolate and a soggy granola bar. D+ Quaker “Cinnamon and Spice” Oatmeal – As a […]

Music and Food Reviews In Brief – Brittany Howard, Mac DeMarco, BOSS, Quorn

Brittany Howard/Jaime – This album sits at that rare intersection where raw talent, creativity, and conviction meet. Sometimes that happens. I am embarrassingly unacquainted with Alabama Shakes, but Howard appears to be in the same league as Prince or Sly Stone. And she has excellent taste in guitars, playing a beautiful Pelham blue Gibson SG […]