Gabriel Alexander Revüe/Not a Second Time

I have always liked this song. With its sort of amped-up Everly Brothers vibe, “Not a Second Time” is a fine example of early Beatlemania.

Although it has been covered by Robert Palmer, the Pretenders, and others “Not a Second Time” has never reached the point of over-saturation.

I thought this one would be a fun one to cover. As per “the way I usually do it,” I sang all the tracks, played all the instruments, starting with drums, then layering on two tracks of amped Gibson SG, accordion, bass, tambourine, hand claps, and a couple brief guitar overdubs during the accordion solo.

Like Robert Palmer, I performed this in the original key. Yikes. I am an asthmatic baritone. Like Robert Palmer, I have to strain harder to hit the high notes than John Lennon, but I am not Robert Palmer.

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