Gabriel Alexander Revüe/Not a Second Time

I have always liked this song. With its sort of amped-up Everly Brothers vibe, “Not a Second Time” is a fine example of early Beatlemania. Although it has been covered by Robert Palmer, the Pretenders, and others “Not a Second Time” has never reached the point of over-saturation. I thought this one would be a […]

Review – Electro-Harmonix Hot Wax Guitar (or Bass) Overdrive Pedal

The Hot Wax combines two other Electro-Harmonix overdrive pedals (which I incidentally have never used) – the Crayon and the Hot Tubes – into one medium-sized pedal. Each pedal can be used independently, or they can be “stacked” with the Crayon doing its thing before the Hot Tubes does its thing. The Crayon side is […]

Guitar pedal reviews – TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 (reverb), Electro-Harmonix Oceans 11 (more reverb), Electro-Harmonix Soul Food (overdrive)

TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 – Considering how many features this pedal has I have very little to say about it. 50 years ago mankind went to the moon with probably less computing power than the DSP chip in this red box, yet this red box cannot realistically simulate the sound of one of […]