Reviews – Pho Kim Chi, Suavecito oil-based pomade

Pho Kim Chi – Leaving work, my family had already eaten, and I had not. I was thinking of stopping at Burger King for an Impossible Whopper, but then it occurred to me that, on the very same block, I could eat something that was actually good from a local business I like.

As always, Pho Kim Chi delivered friendly service and more reasonable prices than the competitor, Pho T&N, in the neighboring strip mall. The past few times I ordered “stir-fried tofu and lemon grass.” Today I ordered “lemongrass tofu” from the next page. It turns out this is indeed a very different dish. This one lacks the variety of vegetables that the other has, but it more than makes up for it with heaping mounds of perfect stir-fried onions, even tastier lemongrass tofu with a perfect texture, and the kind of coleslaw that reminds me how much I love cabbage. Pho Kim Chi’s portion sizes are enormous, and perhaps I could have made two meals out of it, but sometimes “more is more.” A+

Suavecito oil-based pomade – “Very few ingredients” is all the rage. “The Impossible Whopper has, like, a whole bunch of ingredients,” people say, “so I trust the regular whopper because it has just one ingredient – meat.”

As far as men’s hair-styling product goes, Suavecito makes an excellent water-based pomade which contains a whole bunch of ingredients including hydrogenated castor oil. (I had to remind myself that I do not eat pomade and thus should not be concerned.) I was curious about their oil-based pomade, which contains three, and as it turns out . . . If you have been wishing for vaseline with fragrance, Suavecito oil-based pomade delivers the goods.

The first ingredient is, in fact, petrolatum, a.k.a. Vaseline. The next two are wax and fragrance. In a pinch, have you ever styled your hair with Vaseline? Since my wife was recently pregnant and sensitive to strong smells like pomades, for a while I was, indeed, styling my hair with straight up Vaseline-brand Vaseline, so I remember exactly how Vaseline stacks up as a men’s hair-grooming product. It works. It actually works quite well. Hold for days. Shine for more days. And lots of greasy residue and a faint gasoline smell.

The big deal breaker with Suavecito oil-based pomade, in addition to it being more expensive than plain old Vaseline, is that it is incredibly greasy. I find myself reminded of a scene in Eddie Murphy’s Coming to America that I can’t remember all the details of. If I style my hair with my fingers my fingers are covered in scented Vaseline that just doesn’t wash off. Yikes.

Luckily there are many better products on the market, notably from the same brand. If this were the only way to keep hair in place I think I would just opt for, like, a number two on top. C

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