More Reviews – two brands of diapers, a new Starbucks, and the new Hot Chip album

Seventh Generation “N” size diapers – Seventh Generation makes perfectly good toilet paper and wipes, but their newborn diapers are too big, cut sort of like boxers, with no umbilical stump cut out, they leak, and they are very sticky. There is no wetness indicator strip. Experienced parents will recognize the puffy look of wet diapers, but as a new father five years ago I certainly appreciated Pampers’s blue strip. They are also a shade of brown that makes it difficult to see brown in the diaper. D

New Bremerton 6th Ave. Starbucks – This new Starbucks, which has a drive-thru, appears to occupy what used to be an entire bank but actually occupied only half of the building. The rest if unfinished and presumably awaiting a tenant. The store is large but not cavernous, with his ceilings, but it is a bit “warmer” and “cozier” than similar drive-thru equipped high-ceilinged Starbucks stores. The blonde doppio I drank was not great but tasted closer to good coffee than the regular Starbucks doppio. The stranger who sat at the table next to us was cool and very nice. Another stranger, who had an extra cookie crumble frozen coffee beverage concoction with an error, gave me their drink, and I tried it. Yuck! Something loaded with sugar should taste good. This merely tasted like diabetes. Bremerton now has five Starbucks (excluding franchises in Safeways and such), and from best to worse I would rate them as follows:

  1. Kitsap Way
  2. This new one
  3. The one by the ferry terminal
  4. The one on Wheaton Way by Grocery Outlet
  5. The one way up on Wheaton Way by Les Schwab

And since Starbucks is generally not the best option, even in Bremerton, if they are open I would recommend Saboteur or Hot Java. B

Honest Diapers (“N” size) – I first became aware of Jessica Alba from her prominent role in the 1999 horror comedy Idle Hands. In the two decades since, Alba has made the journey from Dark Angel to diapers, founding the Honest Company, which makes not very good shampoo. These diapers, on the other hand, are the ticket. They are smaller than most “N” size diapers, which may be a concern for parents of jumbo-size newborns or older babies who may be inching toward the “0-3 month” size. First-time parents may be inconvenienced by the lack of wetness indicator strip. They also have very cute graphics, and I don’t recall having any problems. A+

Hot Chip/A Bath Full of Ecstasy (2018) – More like “a bath full of meh.” Considerably worse than their previous record, which was in itself a notable step down from the quality standard set by the two albums before it. But those two albums – One Life Stand and In Our Heads were terrific. This “dreamy” album, which sounds like Hot Chip making a boring record and has a stupid name, is a big snooze-fest. C+

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