Reviews – Cascade Farms Graham Crunch Cereal, Kroger Simple Truth Organic Orange Juice

Cascade Farms Graham Cracker Crunch – If you have been thinking “Gee, I have a real hankering for a cereal that resembles Golden Grahams but isn’t very good,” Cascade Farms has just the cereal for you.

Although the box does not say so anywhere, I have always suspected that Cascade Farms is owned by, distributed by, or somehow otherwise affiliated with General Mills. There are two reasons for this:

  1. The top of the carton sports Box Tops for Education.
  2. Every product Cascade Farms offered seems to be very similar to a General Mills product.

I rather like Golden Grahams in sort of a guilty pleasure way. It was one of my favorites as a kid. It isn’t the healthiest cereal out there, but it isn’t exactly Captain Crunch either. It’s just sort of a sweet, crunchy, curiously glossy cereal. Based on how similar Cascade Farm’s Cinnamon Toast Crunch-style cereal is to the real thing I had high hopes for this one.

Nope. This looks and tastes like you’d expect Trader Joe’s attempt at a Golden Grahams-style cereal to taste like. The cereal, which is more matte than Golden Grahams, is heavily coated in visible sugar, whereas with the real product the sugar seems to be blended into each nugget of cereal product. Somehow it tastes less sweet, more dry, and less flavorful all around. Yet it still leaves the cereal consumer with the same empty, guilty feeling he or she would have after eating real Golden Grahams. C-

Kroger Simple Truth Organic Orange Juice (with pulp – not from concentrate) – This is almost as good as Costco’s Kirkland Signature Organic Orange Juice, which is by itself entirely worth the price of an annual Costco membership. That stuff seriously tastes almost as good as the stuff from one of those automatic orange juicing machines.

It is definitely not the same product repackaged though. The jug is a little different. It doesn’t have a plastic protector seal under the cap, and it tastes only perhaps 92 percent as delicious. It is also available in “no pulp” and “with pulp” varieties. The pulp level in the “with pulp” variety is similar to the “some pulp” or “homestyle” varieties of Tropicana/Florida’s Natural/Simply and certainly less than Tropicana’s absurdly pulpy “Grovestand” variety. It is also better than anything made by those brands – or the non-organic version of Kroger’s not-from-concentrate OJ. Somehow this orange juice tastes fresher than it probably actually is, lacking in any kind of discernible “packaging” taste. The pulp also adds some refreshing zing. When stacked up against Kirkland Signature’s masterpiece of an organic orange juice, at $3.49 at Fred Meyer, this one is a whopping $1.50 cheaper per unit item, and you only have to buy one at a time. A

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