Reviews – Tacocat / This Mess is a Place, Huggies “Special Delivery” diapers

Tacocat/This Mess is a Place (2019) – In the tradition of “fun” Seattle bands like the Young Fresh Fellows and the Presidents, the less silly, more political, surf-tinged Tacocat return with their third and best (poppies, catchiest, and most cohesive) album so far, recalling 90s acts like the Cranberries, Ace of Base, and Velocity Girl across its ten tracks. This is also mastered noticeably quieter and is thereby better-sounding than their previous record. A+

Huggies “Special Delivery” N-size diapers – These are packaged in an attractive black box, which is 99 percent of why I bought them. For reasons that probably have everything to do with anatomy, our similarly-sized son got along with Pampers but not Huggies, but Huggies are the better match for our daughter. These have cute slogans like “hello, world” on the diaper and a little dip-down for the umbilical stump. They are also unscented, which is a big plus. They aren’t terrifically different from regular Huggies, but the black box is hard not to buy. By the way, the first food product packaged in black was Screaming Yellow Zonkers. Why not? A

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