Review – Electro Harmonix Op Amp Big Muff Fuzz Guitar/Bass Pedal Review

Uglier and nastier sounding than other variations I have used, which translates to “more beautiful sounding” since it is, in fact, a fuzz pedal. More mid-range and static-like white noise craziness. Tone bypass doesn’t boost volume. True bypass. Sensibly-sized sturdy enclosure along the lines of an MXR pedal. Made in New York City. Designed in […]

Reviews – Aston Origin microphone and three kinds of cheese

Not interested in blathering about some goofy-looking microphone? I can’t blame you. Scroll to the bottom for the cheese reviews you are looking for. Aston Origin Microphone – A few months ago I picked up this puppy used on eBay as the only bidder. Oddly, it also came with a Samson boom stand (which must […]

More Reviews – two brands of diapers, a new Starbucks, and the new Hot Chip album

Seventh Generation “N” size diapers – Seventh Generation makes perfectly good toilet paper and wipes, but their newborn diapers are too big, cut sort of like boxers, with no umbilical stump cut out, they leak, and they are very sticky. There is no wetness indicator strip. Experienced parents will recognize the puffy look of wet […]

Review – The Impossible Whopper (with cheese) and other assorted Burger King products

The Impossible Whopper (with cheese) – I tried an Impossible Burger, one of two competing “game-changing” vegetarian burgers, for the first time a few months ago at Red Robin and found it to be entirely better than the more common Beyond Burger, as available at Carl’s Jr and supermarkets. The Beyond Burger tastes like meat […]

Reviews – Cascade Farms Graham Crunch Cereal, Kroger Simple Truth Organic Orange Juice

Cascade Farms Graham Cracker Crunch – If you have been thinking “Gee, I have a real hankering for a cereal that resembles Golden Grahams but isn’t very good,” Cascade Farms has just the cereal for you. Although the box does not say so anywhere, I have always suspected that Cascade Farms is owned by, distributed […]

Reviews – Tacocat / This Mess is a Place, Huggies “Special Delivery” diapers

Tacocat/This Mess is a Place (2019) – In the tradition of “fun” Seattle bands like the Young Fresh Fellows and the Presidents, the less silly, more political, surf-tinged Tacocat return with their third and best (poppies, catchiest, and most cohesive) album so far, recalling 90s acts like the Cranberries, Ace of Base, and Velocity Girl […]